NBA -L-Star Game 2021 Draft Results

The 2021 NBA-All-Star Game will be held Sunday, March 7, in Atlanta. But because of the Covid-19, the price of the weekend’s events will shrink overnight – the skills challenge and the 3-point contest will be biased, while the Dunk contest will serve as a halftime show.

All-star voting began on January 28th, and All-Star starters – determined by fan voting (which casts 50% of the vote), media voting (25%) and player voting (25%) – Jan. TNT On 18. Reserves – voted on by NBA coaches – TNT. Was announced on Tuesday.

After her thrilling debut in last season’s All-Star Game in Chicago, “End of Ilam” Will come back. The British nets along with ‘Kevin Durant and the Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James – the captain, who received top fan votes at their respective conferences – will make their selection for a showdown at the State Farm Arena.

Here’s to picking everything up, including peak-by-peak-breakdown.

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The NBA All-Star draft is complete

LeBron James and Kevin Durant put together their superstar rosters. Here is a pick-by-pick breakdown:

Team LeBron

  • Captain: LeBron James, Lakers

  • Pick 1: Giannis Antetok oun Nmpo, Bux

  • Pick 2: Stephen Curry, Warriors

  • Pick 3: Luca Dnick, Mavericks

  • Pick 4: Nikola Jokic, Nuggets

  • Pick 5: Damien Lillard, Trail Blazers

  • Pick 6: Ben Simmons, 76 Ars

  • Pick 7: Chris Paul, Sons

  • Pick 8: Jalen Brown, Celtics

  • Pick 9: Paul George, Clippers

  • Pick 10: Domantas Sabonis, Pacers

  • Pick 11: Rudy Gobert, Jazz

Team Durant

  • Captain: Kevin Durant, net (injured, will not play)

  • Pick 1: Carrie Irving, Net

  • Pick 2: Joel Embed, 76 Ars

  • Pick 3: Poet Leonard, Clippers

  • Pick 4: Bradley Bill, Wizards

  • Pick 5: Jason Tatum, Celtics

  • Pick 6: James Harden, Nate

  • Pick 7: Devin Booker, Sons

  • Pick 8: Zion Williamson, Pelicans

  • Pick 9: Zach Lavine, Bulls

  • Pick 10: Julius Randall, Knicks

  • Pick 11: Nikola Vusevic, Magic

  • Pick 12: Donovan Mitchell, Jazz

Star L-Star Event Rosters

Dunk Contest

3-point contest

Skills competition

With the dunk contest set for the halftime of Sunday’s all-star game this season, we’ve asked our NBA insiders to vote on the most iconic dunk for each franchise. Let the discussion begin.

Unfortunately, there are only 24 all-star spots. Undefeated represents an annual team of worthy players who have not made the cut.

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