NBA GMO chooses Los Angeles Lakers to defend championship in poll

The Los Angeles Lakers will repeat as NBA champions, according to a survey of NBA general managers.

That forecast is one of many from’s annual survey of 30 front offices fees before the start of the new season. The survey features 33 questions, ranging from which player they choose to start a franchise to the best player in each position, with a choice of who will win this year’s Most Valuable Player Award.

But, the most thoughtless answer to this survey was the first question: who wins the title this season?

Thirty-one percent of respondents said the Lakers would repeat in 2021, with the only other team to get a multiple vote was rival L.A. There are clippers, who got 11% of the vote. The Brooklyn Nets and the Miami Heat are the other teams selected.

After signing a five-year Supermax extension to stay with the Bucks, the Milwaukee Bucks for Giannis Antoine Oun Nmpo was picked to win a third straight league MVP award, something not something that pulled Larry Bird between 1984 and 1986. .

League officials have predicted that it will be a huge open race, however, with Antoine O’Neill receiving only 32% of the vote, while Dallas Mavericks defender Luca Donsic (21%), Lakers ahead of Anthony Davis and LeBron James (18%), net forward Kevin Durant (7%), and Denver Nuggets center Nicola Jokic (4%) also received votes.

Antitocoun Nampo and Donetsk, meanwhile, were also favorites at GM, when asked which player they would prefer to start a franchise with. Both players received 43% of the vote while Davis received 7% of the vote. To show how much respect Donsik has gained in the past year, Antelope Kampo was a runaway winner with 86% last year.

The GMA of the league has become every Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry (0%), Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden (68%), James (57%) minor forward, Antelope Ompo (% at%) power forward and jockey ( 50%) in the center.

They also determined that the Lakers (%)%) do not have the best se fion ason and rated guard Chris Paul is going to the Phoenix Sons () to%) as a best move and Gordon Hayward is surprisingly moving to the Charlotte Hornets (% 54%). . .

In addition, GMA favored Hornets guard Lamelo Ball (39%) and hit coach Eric Spolstra (46%) to be named the league’s best coach to win the Rookie of the Year. The most promising young major of the players went to the New Orleans Pelicans (41%).