Nashville bars are preparing to reopen under new rules

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) – Nashville bars could open Monday as the city transitions into a “changed phase two” of its redevelopment plan.

Under the new regulation, bars and restaurants with limited services will be able to operate with restrictions. The bars can have no more than 25 customers inside, with room for everyone to socialize. All customers must sit, and bar counters must remain closed.

At Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge in Madison, owners tried to be ready for the reopening Sunday.

“Renovate a little bit, get everything in place, put everything back together,” said co-owner Daniel Walker.

“I’m overwhelmed with excitement just to have the chance to open our doors again!” Co-owner Amy Richardson said.

While a limit of 25 customers does not seem like much, the owners said it is better than zero customers.

“It keeps my lights on, keeps my hair paid,” Richardson said.

“And it keeps some of our employees who have stayed with us and done their best to be employees we can count on. It gives us the opportunity to give them some income as well,” Walker added.

It’s not the first time Richardson and Walker have been ready to reopen their doors. In June, Nashville opened bars, only to close two weeks later, as COVID-19 cases increased.

“I can not focus on ‘What if we are shut down again’ because that is not where our energy should be spent,” Richardson said.

Instead, owners spend that much energy on keeping things safe. And make sure they are ready to welcome in customers.

“We make sure we have all our staff on site and that people will know tomorrow that they need to wear a mask and stay socially distant,” Walker said.

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