NASA astronaut Kate Rubin voted for the ISS: “If we can do it from space …”

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Still, as you cast your vote, you have to admire this NASA astronaut who managed to vote all the way from space. Kate Rubins, currently sitting on the International Space Station, said, “From the International Space Station: I voted today.” He posted a photo of himself in front of a padded booth called “ISS Polling Station”.

NASA notes that this is not the first time Robbins has voted from space. She did so in 2016, when she was also on the ISS.

“I think it’s really important for everyone to vote,” Rubins said in a video uploaded by NASA. “And if we can do it from space, I believe people can do it from the ground as well.” Rubins’ six-month ISS mission began on October 14, which was also his 42nd birthday.

Most astronauts prefer to vote as Texas residents because they are heading to Houston for training, NASA said, however, those who want to vote as residents of their home state can make special arrangements.

The ballots of the county registered astronauts are tested on a space station training computer, then the original ballot is produced with the ISS along with the crew-member-specific credentials to secure it. The completed ballot is delivered electronically back to Earth for official recording.

NASA said in a statement that space voting has been possible since 1997 when a bill to legally vote in Texas was passed. “Since then, many NASA astronauts have been using this civilian duty from orbit. Since NASA is working to send astronauts to the moon in 2024 and finally work on Mars, the agency plans to be able to convince astronauts who want to vote in space, nowhere in the solar system. It doesn’t matter. “

NASA had expected U.S. astronauts on the SpaceX Crew-1 mission to join Rubins in voting for ISS from space, but their mission has been delayed until late November, so they can now vote from Earth.

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