NASA allows you to navigate Mars online with AI4Mars Rover

NASA has just launched its AI4Mars, a new program that allows anyone with a computer to help navigate their Curiosity vehicle across the surface of the Red Planet. This effort is one of the organization’s many efforts, such as its simulation of Mars, which encourages people to participate in its mission to learn more about space.

The AI4Mars program does not really allow you to steer the rover, but rather allows you to tag different parts of the terrain the rover encounters. This includes everything from rocks, sand, dirt, and other features, and everything is done online through a web browser. Each tag will be grouped into a large database that gathers a general consensus on what the mobile is seeing. It’s a way for people to participate in NASA’s Curiosity exploration while helping the team get a clearer picture of the type of terrain the rover is working with. NASA said in a statement, “You will use your superior cognitive and artistic skills to tag images of the Curiosity Rover, collectively creating the Red Planet’s first open source navigation classification dataset. The teams will use it, as the dataset. of urban landscapes, to train rovers to understand Martian environments, preparing the way for future missions to discover the secrets of our closest neighbor. “

In case you missed it, SpaceX has managed to become the first private company to send humans into space.