Muslims have the right to ‘kill millions of French people’

The Malaysian prime minister said Muslims had a “right to be angry and kill millions of French people” and one attacker shouted “Allahu Akbar!” Said only hours after shouting no. Beheaded a woman in a church in France and killed two others.

Incendiary comments Were part of a twitter From Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who protested against Western culture and the President of France, Emanuel Macron, for refusing to denounce the strategies of the Prophet Mohammed, who had carried out three attacks in France in two months.

Macro also vowed to fight “Islamist separatism” following the beheading of schoolteacher Samuel Petty in a Paris suburb on October 16.

“Macron is not showing that he is cultured. It is too primitive to blame Islam and the religion of Muslims for the murder of an abusive school teacher. It’s not about the teachings of Islam, “Mohammed tweeted.

“But in spite of religion, angry people kill. The French have killed millions of people throughout their history. Many were Muslims.

“Muslims have the right to be angry and kill millions of French people for past massacres.”

Mohammed also said that the “West” should not impose its own ideas and values ​​on others.

“Doing so would deprive these people of their freedom,” he wrote.

Malaysia is home to more than 32 million people, 61 percent of whom follow Islam.

Mohammed’s comments come after a third attack by France in two months that killed three people in the Notre Dame Basilica in Nice. The alleged knife-wielding assailant is in police custody.

Mayor Christian Astrosi called the attacker a “terrorist” who shouted “Allahu Akbar!” No slogans were raised. – Arabic for “God is great” – when the police arrested him.