Movie breakdown justifies Eagles’ Carson Wentz case as one of the NFL’s top five quarterbacks

Carson Wentz: the top five quarterbacks in the NFL?

That’s the case that Alex Rollins, a film analyst for SB Nation’s San Francisco 49ers blog, Niners Nation, is doing with his latest video breakdown. You can see all this below:

Rollins defends his stance by highlighting some of the key plays Wentz made during the Eagles’ last four games on the road to winning the NFC East last season … including that surprising touchdown pitch to Miles Sanders against Washington in Week 15. .

Here is a sample of Rollins’ argument:

“Yes, we all know that Wentz suffered a concussion in the first quarter of the Wild Card game and the Eagles lost to the Seahawks, 17-9. But the fact that they even made the playoffs with this cast of characters is a miracle in Himself. Wentz had a far from perfect situation to take this team to the playoffs. But to demonstrate his talent, it was actually the perfect situation. The NFL does not wait for its roster and weapons to work 100%. Many times The best time to prove yourself is when things go wrong. How many quarterbacks in Wentz’s plight would take this team to the playoffs? Elite quarterbacks don’t expect anyone. No matter the circumstances, talent around them or who they face. They are going to win. That’s what makes Carson Wentz an elite quarterback in the top five. “

Wentz really I was on fire at the end of the regular season. His game numbers he must win in week 14 through week 17: 117/173 (67.6% completion), 1,199 yards (6.9 average), 7 TD, 0 INT, 100.8 passer rating.

It certainly helped that the Eagles played the New York Giants twice and Washington once on that stretch. Those were two of the worst NFL teams in 2019. But one must also admit that Wentz was leading the Eagles to victory while relying on promotions from practice squads like Greg Ward, Boston Scott, Joshua Perkins, etc. With the critical help of Doug Pederson’s plans, Wentz made the most of minor talent.

With that said, I think the top five are a bit generous for Wentz. And I say this as someone who is far from being considered a skeptic. A “top 10” tag is more appropriate.

There is no doubt that Wentz has the top five. upside down. The Eagles only need it to stay healthy and reduce their loose balls. They also need to surround him with a proper supporting cast, which is something they haven’t been able to do in at least two of their four seasons so far. Let’s hope they don’t disappoint him again in 2020.

The Eagles will eventually go as far as Wentz takes them, and as the video above demonstrates, there is reason to be optimistic about their prospect.


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