Move on to MacOS Big Sur – New Windows 10 update looks amazing

While all eyes are on Apple’s WWDC conference this week, which included the announcement of the latest Mac software, MacOS Big Sur, Microsoft may be about to steal the thunder from the Cupertino company with a new reveal of its own software. .

In all-new screenshots, Microsoft shows a revised Windows 10 start menu, with a clean and translucent new look that includes Live Tiles that now match the user’s background color. There are a lot of great Windows machines on our top laptops for the graphic design list, and it looks like they’ll soon be enjoying a lovely new user interface.

Windows 10

The new start menu (Image credit: Microsoft)

While this is just a system update rather than brand-new software, Live Tiles’ more subtle design will be highly welcome to anyone not interested in today’s rather flashy color blocks (below). The screenshots, shared on the Microsoft 365 Facebook page, also show some of the new Windows 10 icons, which were revealed in November.

Windows 10

Old (left) vs new (right) (Image credit: Microsoft / Future Owns)

Along with the updated Start menu, Microsoft revealed a new Windows 10 special edition theme (below) for Pride, “inspired by the LGBTQI + inclusion and equity conversations.”