Modern Warfare patch notes June 23: Warzone Quads, new MP modes, more

Call of Duty developers Infinity Ward have released a new playlist update for Modern Warfare and Warzone, one that brought back Battle Royale Quads, several new multiplayer modes, and more.

The developers’ decision to remove BR Quads in favor of the Realism version was not welcomed by the player base, so just a few days later IW brought it back in its June 23 patch.

This means that the usual BR versions of Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads are now available at the same time, along with Plunder Quads replacing Blood Money in the game’s other playlist option.

As for the multiplayer mode, the developers have introduced several new modes, including the debut of All or Nothing, Face Off and Stir-Crazy 10v10.

Modern Warfare & Warzone June 23 Playlist Update

Update today’s playlist for #ModernWarfare and # War zone they are now live on all platforms!

  • Boots in land war
  • Realism Mosh Pit
  • All or nothing
  • Face
  • Stir-Crazy (10v10)
  • Looting quads (replaces blood money)
  • BR Quads (replace Realism BR)
Infinity room
Infinity room

Regular BR Quads are back in Warzone after the Modern Warfare update on June 23.

New multiplayer modes explained

All or Nothing is a completely new variant of the classic Free-For-All mode, except that instead of being able to use their desired charges, players will appear with the bare minimum: a throwing knife, an empty pistol, and basic perks. The objective is to find more equipment and loot, such as ammunition and better weapons, and use them to reach the 20 murders necessary to win.

Face Off combines Gunfight with the most common multiplayer modes, such as Domination, Kill Confirmed, Grind and more, which are played on the smallest maps used in the popular 3v3 playlist.

Last but not least, Stir-Crazy 10v10, a playlist that takes regular 6v6 maps and adds four additional players on each team, resulting in: you guessed it: insanity!

Infinity room
Infinity room

Modern Warfare’s new Chaos 10v10 playlist uses regular 6v6 maps but with four additional players on each team.

New Gaz Operator Package

As for the new cosmetic items, the playlist update also brings the Gaz Operator bundle to the store, introducing Kyle ‘Gaz’ Garrick as the new playable operator. Gaz was one of the characters in the Modern Warfare campaign and a member of Task Force 141, but older CoD fans will also remember him from the story of a CoD4 player.

The set includes two weapon planes, Fair Brass and Tanker, as well as a new camo for the Kali Sticks, called Hit Sticks.

Some expected today’s update to be bigger, such as the release of some of the new mid-season 4 content found on the official roadmap, as well as the highly anticipated weapon balance patch that’s supposed to be affecting al Grau.

That will come another day, presumably in early July, so players will have to do with new playlists and modes for now.