Missoula firefighter tests positive for COVID-19

MISSOULA – A firefighter from the Missoula Fire Department tested positive for COVID-19, the city announced Tuesday.

Fire Chief Jeff Brandt and staff are working closely with staff from the City and County of Missoula Health Department. As soon as they learned of the positive test result on Monday, they identified potential contacts, who are quarantined at their homes pending COVID-19 interviews and tests.

Those contacts include law enforcement officers and ambulance personnel who worked closely with the firefighter.

“City Fire has responded quickly, comprehensively, and knowingly,” Cindy Farr, incident commander for the Health Department’s Division of Health Promotion and Response to COVID-19 Division Commander, said in a press release. “They have been involved at the highest level in Incident Command since March, and are very well informed.”

Fire department personnel wear protective equipment on every service call. Brandt does not believe there is an exposure risk for members of the public.

The usual level of service of the fire department will not be affected. Earlier today, the health department announced that four new cases have emerged in Missoula County. There are 162 active cases in Montana and 14 in Missoula County.

Farr reminds the public that COVID-19 is still in our community and that we are experiencing a community spread. People should keep their social circles small, be safe at work, and keep track of their personal contacts for the past 14 days.