Minnesota GOPer resigns after comparing mask wear orders to Nazi Germany

A Republican Party official in Minnesota resigned in disgrace after comparing orders to wear face masks during a global pandemic with Jews forced to wear the Stars of David in Nazi Germany. An image posted on the Wabasha County Republican Party Facebook page showed a Nazi officer and a man wearing the star with two captions: “Just put the star on and stop complaining” at the top of the image and ” Just put on the mask and stop complaining “at the bottom. Initially, Minnesota Republican Party President Jennifer Carnahan claimed that the Facebook page had been hacked. However, Carnahan later confirmed that the page “was not hacked” and that the unidentified responsible person resigned at the party’s request. According to CNN, Carnahan said the State party and the county board “apologize for this disappointing message,” which he also called “vitriolic.” Carnahan herself recently attacked Minnesota Governor Tim Walz’s state mask mandate, posting in a tweet: “This is not North Korea, and you are not Kim Jong Un … or are you?”

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