Mike Vrabel remembers Bill Belichick ‘losing his mind’ over the loophole

It is not easy to find NFL players who are more eager to win than Tom Brady.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback approaches with a chip on his shoulder every day. He’s constantly trying to prove himself the best quarterback for his team, despite winning six Super Bowl titles and becoming the best player in league history.

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One of the biggest benefits the Buccaneers will get from working with Brady is seeing what it takes to play consistently at a high level. This means constantly working on your craft, whether on the field or in the weight room, throughout the season. It is a routine of four or five months where little else matters apart from winning soccer games. The Tampa Bay roster isn’t full of boys with Super Bowl rings, so the example Brady sets will help.

Brady received a lot of help building an atmosphere of concentration and intensity during his New England career. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is as intense and demanding as he seems. Creating the same kind of vibe in Tampa Bay could be more challenging. For one thing, there are more fun things to do after practice given the great weather and proximity to Florida beaches.

One of Brady’s New England Patriots former teammates Drew Bledsoe recently explained to Colin Cowherd in FOX Sports 1’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” that he doesn’t think the 42-year-old quarterback has trouble increase intensity in Tampa. Bay.

“If you play a professional sport, especially soccer, if you don’t show up every day with great intensity, ready to work hard and hit your head, then you’re in the wrong profession. So let’s start there,” Bledsoe said.

“With Tom, he brings so much credibility to that organization that he will immediately elevate him into the building,” said Bledsoe. “What they do when they leave the premises can be a little different. Leaving the premises and going to the beach, that sounds pretty good. I never had to do that. I was in New England and Buffalo. I went to Dallas, so at It was less hot. But once you’re in the building, you’d better have that intensity. With the credibility and the work ethic and all the things Tom brings, I think it will lift things up for them right away. “

Brady has already shown his willingness to work with his teammates and establish the kind of culture he envisions in Tampa Bay. He has reportedly done multiple trainings with teammates, giving the Buccaneers’ offense valuable time to develop chemistry and for Brady to learn the team’s offense.

Buccaneers players will quickly realize, if they haven’t already, the kind of hard work, hustle, and competitiveness that Brady demands of his teammates. When the superstar player and team leader set a great example, the rest of the team generally follows him, especially since Brady never hesitates to take responsibility too.