Microsoft Defender begins to defend Android

Microsoft is no stranger to system vulnerabilities, and over the years its Windows operating system has been exploited many times. However, in fairness, we should say that the company has improved its game in security and many users now prefer Microsoft’s own ATP (Advanced Threat Protection), also known as Microsoft Defender, to other third-party antivirus software. Now Microsoft has decided to offer its experience to another very popular operating system that also struggles with security: Android. Google’s mobile operating system houses an enormous amount of malicious software, including malware, phishing scams, Trojans, and many more. Google kills hundreds of apps every month, but many of these dangerous pieces of software eventually reach users.

Microsoft Defender ATP for Android promises to solve the problem. The software package offers different security options, such as scanning the phone for malware or detecting phishing attempts. When Defender detects malware or other malicious software, it will restrict access to critical applications such as email clients and online banking applications, to prevent further damage. Defender ATP for Android is currently in preview for Microsoft 365 customers, but if you are interested in using this product it will be more widely available in the coming months.