Micros.ft’s brand new Xbox dashboard comes out this week

The October update for Xbox is coming this week, bringing with it a taste of the next pay generation. Microsoft has announced that the new dashboard design is being rolled out to the Xbox console as part of the latest update, and when it launches next month it will also run on the Xbox Series X and Series S.

This new UX was first shown in August Gust. MicroStuff says that the Series X loads the home screen with 40% less memory, loads 0% faster on boot and loads 0% faster. It’s not clear what old console owners like the One S should expect performance improvements.

The layout isn’t very different, but elements like guides and games library have been tweaked, and visually it’s now a close match for other Xbox products like the Xbox app for Windows. Now you can also customize your profile with themes, and Microsoft has redesigned the layout for new users to highlight features like Game Pass and Store.

This update is not a huge one, but the last major repair of the micro .ft since then was this past February. Microsoft has the ingenuity to radically redesign its Xbox UI several times per pay generation, so who knows how long the Xbox Series X dashboard will look like this. For now, though, you can get an early start on its interface by updating your old console.