Michigan v Illinois score, takeoways: Illinois pound Wolverines, who slipped to third seed

What No. 4 Illinois did with No. 2 Michigan on Tuesday – on Michigan’s own court! – Can be considered illegal in some jurisdictions.

Without the services of All-American defender Io Dosonmu, Illini (19-6, Big Ten 15-4) eliminated the Wolverines 76-53. It was 33-22 at half time, the game quickly slipped away from Michigan. But that Really The second part got out of hand. Trent Frasier’s 16-second half-point (and game-high 22 points) gave Illinois a 43-31 advantage in the final 20 minutes.

Michigan (18-2, 13-2) has built his stellar season around physical play, tough defense, an efficient around l-arid offense and a good 3-point shooting to suppress his attack. Illinois decided he would not let them play their game. The result turned out to be in the favor of Illinois at -26-26, and for the Wolverines – a sad 2-of-7 finish with a point range. His 53 points made him the lowest scorer of all season and the lowest since December 3, 2019, when he failed to break the 50-point mark in Lewisville’s defeat.

Both teams entered the evening as the No. 1 seed in Jerry Palm’s braces. After the loss, Palm has the Wolverines No. 1 seed left, but with their loss coming from No. 2 to No. 3 national seed. Ilini remained the fourth-ranked seed with his win, effectively stabilizing at the top and still slightly milder. Gonzaga and Baylor are the top No. 1 seed as a result of Tuesday’s action.

Illinois has now won 10 of its last 11 games and is in contention for the title after a couple of necklaces of the week in December and January. Breaking down the way the Michigan team did without Dosonnu, keeping in mind the route This The Michigan team is playing, you should be forced to regain expectations. There are only a few true, viable teams capable of winning the tournament. Illini showed with a statement that no doubt they are among them.

Here are some key tips:

Big game Trent Frazier

College Ledge Hoops has very few teams that have a third man as capable as Trent Fraser, Illinois. He’s a luxury that Illinois exploits with Dosunnu, as he brings it into the spotlight and he responds to it. But even with Dosonmu, Frazier has shown brilliance. Three times in the last 35 days he has scored at least 22 points. That kind of combustible potential is the kind of talent that, by teaming up with the star-studded duo of Dosonmu and Cockburn, could take Illinois from great to great.

The effect of coffee cockburn

I expected Cockburn to work hard against Michigan’s front line. So on paper, a 23-point Illinois win, you would think, meant Cockburn was out. Instead, he finished the game with 12 points and seven boards. But don’t surf the state-sheet. Its effect is beyond the score here. His impact in the game was primarily on defense, where he caught Hunter Dickinson for just six points and five boards. The team scored 24 points throughout the paint. It was the whole Cockburn area that had to be defended all evening and it ended the bargain.

Michigan believers, don’t run away

It’s easy to talk to yourself after this type of operation thinking that maybe Michigan doesn’t take into account the high-top position it achieved during that season. No. Michigan remains an enormous. He took a Herculean defensive effort from Illinois and a night of brutally bad shooting to expose Michigan to a visible human. It can happen. Despite being in the top five defenses, top-10 offense, p te experience, 3-point shooting and NBA big in Dickinson, the team still has the goods to be a title contender. Don’t jump off the bandwagon right now.