Michigan GOP leader mentions ‘murder’ in response to question about anti-Trump Republicans

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser referred to the “murder” during a conversation about GOP legislators who voted for the former impeachment. President TrumpDonald Trump Hill’s Morning Report – Philibuster G.O.P. Democrat Elaine Luria backs McAuliffe for governor in Verkinia Democratic primary At the Republican Club meeting.

Weiser was caught commenting in a video during a North Auckland Republican Club meeting. Obtained By Detroit News

The remarks came amid a debate over how to oust Republicans. Fred UptonFrederick (Fred) Stephen Upton Moderate Democrats warn Iowa Race House Republican leaders who supported Trump impeachment Iowa warns Democrats on election challenge Hill’s Morning Report – Posted by Facebook in 100 Days Higher doses to neighbors And Peter MeiserPeter Meiserhaus panel to pass bill to repeal 2002 war authorization House Republicans, who backed Trump’s impeachment, warn Democrats over Iowa election challenge Bilateral House bill to repeal decades-old war rights, Who voted for Trump’s impeachment after the Capitol riots.

It happened after Weisser described three democratic officials, including the government. Greatchain WhitmerGretchen Whitmer is unlikely to tighten controls over the spread of the virus in Michigan State: Top 15 dumb ideas since we took 15 days to stop the spread, “Three witches.”

After Weisser made that reference, a man at the meeting asked Weisser how to cast a “witch in our party”, to which Weisser replied that people needed to get out and vote.

“Ma’am, I have no choice but to kill … except to vote. Right?” Weisser said. “You have to get people there and support their opponents. You have to do what you have to do to get votes in those areas. That’s how you beat people.”

The remarks come more than two months after pro-Trump mobs attacked lawmakers forcing them to evacuate. A Capitol police officer was killed in the fighting, and mob members were heard calling for the then vice president to be hanged. Mike PenceMichael (Mike) Richard Pensblinkan and Sullivan are on the stand for China – will Biden take them back? Trump says election should be ‘reversed’ Hoyer opposes Ron Johnson for ‘racist statement’.

“Both Chairman Weisser and our executive director, Jason Rowe, have made it very clear that it is up to voters to decide on Republican nominees, and to suggest that anything else is dishonest and irresponsible,” said Ted Goodman, director of communications at Michigan Republic

“This epidemic has been disrupted by the governor’s failed response that has ruined thousands of small businesses, ruined the education of our school children and resulted in unnecessary deaths inside nursing homes.”

Weisser’s comments about the three witches were made in reference to Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

Ten Republicans in the House voted to impeach Trump, and seven Republicans in the Senate voted to convict the former president for inciting riots in the Capitol.