Mel Gibson’s ‘Furnace Dodger’ Commentary Surprises Seth Rogen – The Forward

Seth Rogen admitted to his surprise on Twitter that “Gibson Dodger’s” comment on the Jewish actress Winona Ryder allowed the Holocaust to exist.

Ryder revealed (for the second time, as was seen later) that the actor and director, and the well-known anti-Semite, once called her “Oven Evader.” The term is a reference to crematoriums in Nazi-run concentration camps, where the bodies of Jews who had been killed in gas chambers were systematically burned, often by other Jews who were forced to do the job.

The rage over the comments led Gibson to lose his voice acting role in the upcoming animated sequel “Chicken Run 2”.

Gibson recently appeared in anti-Semitism-related news in 2016 for linking his new sobriety to not being more anti-Semitic. At the time, Gibson said it was “truly unfair” that he had been linked to anti-Semitism after a drunken tirade directed at Jews in 2006 during a DUI arrest.

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