Meghan Markle pulled out of Pippa Middleton’s marriage over fear of butt competition

She was really bummed.

Meghan Markle pulled at the last minute from Pippa Middleton’s high profile marriage – because she knew it would be turned into a show about who had the best ass, according to her new biography.

Pippa – whose derriere staged the show at her sister Kate’s royal wedding in 2011 to Prince William – was worried that her own nuptials would be “overplayed” by the “media frenzy” surrounding Markle and the then-golden-young royal Prince Harry, the authors.

It made the “Suits” star a “somewhat troubled addition to the guest list” for Middleton in May 2017 with James Matthews, according to the new bio, “Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family.”

Markle “puts careful thought into her outfit” to make sure it “was stylish without being splashy,” the book says.

But with only a few hours to go, she decided not to attend when the newspaper The Sun ran a cover story with a headline that suggested it would be “Meghan v Pippa” in the “Wedding of the Rears”, says the bio.

‘Harry and Meghan agreed not to show up at church’ after the story suggested Markle was about to perform at Middleton’s with her own ‘Pippa moment’.

Pippa Middleton at Sister Kate's wedding
Pippa Middleton at Sister Kate’s weddingGetty Images

“If they cared that their arrival could create a media circus, despite all precautions, now they had no doubt it would,” the book states.

Instead, the actress checked in at a nearby Airbnb while her prince only went to church service – later snatched up at the reception in a “decidedly unflashy long black dress” and had done her own makeup, the book says.

Ironically, Markle’s then-best friend, Jessica Mulroney, came out of the headlines – with a back shot of her in a figuratively bright blue dress that caught the eye of the bride’s bride at her wedding. sister.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stated that they were “not interviewed and did not contribute” to “Finding Freedom.”

However, the authors’ note states that, “as appropriate,” they spoke with “the couple themselves.”