Meghan Markle fans criticize Prince Charles after diversity speech

Prince Charles is the last public figure to be in heat in the midst of a period of global unrest.

On Monday, Clarence House, the official social media account for Charles, 71, shared an online speech to commemorate Windrush Day, a celebration of Caribbean immigrants contributing to the British economy after his arrival in 1948.

In the speech, the prince praised diversity in the United Kingdom and said that “the diversity of our society is its greatest strength and gives us much to celebrate.”

Although well-intentioned, royalty was criticized in the comments by individuals who accused him of a lack of response when his daughter-in-law Meghan Markle faced racially motivated criticism.

“What about the way Meghan Markle was treated by some members of the royal family? And those British media? a Twitter user commented. “People who live in glass castles should not throw stones.”

These are just empty words. That is delicious coming from you. I don’t think you believe them, “said another. “If you had, you wouldn’t have sat quietly and let the [British] Media crucify Meghan [sic] daughter-in-law and the only example of diversity in her family. “

“Shameful that he didn’t think ‘diversity in his own family’ was his greatest strength and ‘much to celebrate,'” wrote a third. “Mere empty words, spoken by the Prince of Wales. Shameful!”

A fourth added: “Gosh. Maybe someday [sic.] A member of the royal family will marry a beautiful and successful African American person. Then the family can unite around this person with love and support when they are victims of racists. Oh wait…”

Another called Charles “hypocritical” for making no effort to “defend Meghan when she was intimidated” by the royal family and the press.

Markle’s husband and Charles’ son Prince Harry, 35, previously addressed media coverage of his 38-year-old wife, noting that it had “racial overtones.”