Meghan Markle ‘escorted out of Prince Charles’ ‘garden party’ in unearthed video | Real | News

Buckingham Palace is believed to be preparing for the revealing books, due to be published in the coming months, detailing Meghan and Prince Harry’s decision to leave the Royal Family. Author Lady Colin Campbell will release her book ‘Meghan and Harry: The Real Story’ later this month, and has claimed that the Sussex consequences with royalty began just days after their wedding.

A “household name with flawless connections in the palace” allegedly told him that “something happened at the first garden party at Buckingham Palace to celebrate Prince Charles’ 70th birthday.”

The party took place on May 22, 2018, just three days after Meghan and Harry’s weddings.

Lady Colin told the Daily Star earlier this month that she was “absolutely stunned and amazed” when she heard the story, but has not revealed any details about what really happened yet.

Subsequently, social media responded to Lady Colin’s claims when royalty fans began to guess what might have happened.

Posting on Twitter on June 15, @Murky_Meg retweeted a clip of Meghan and Harry walking away from the other garden party guests, captioned, “Here’s the video where Charles seems to be telling Harry it’s time to go.” .

The video now has 18,500 views.

Another account, @Megs_Legs, had originally posted the 45-second clip in October last year, along with a description that said, “Remember the garden party held in honor of Charles’s 70th birthday?

“And #themarkles were asked to leave 40 minutes due to Meghan’s behavior? [sic]

“They were escorted along with their entourage. M was not happy!

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There is little audible dialogue in the video, but Charles is filmed saying goodbye to the couple, before Camilla approaches them.

He kisses them both on the cheek in farewell and gives them a little wave before they walk away from the rest of the garden party.

Despite the couple leaving the party early, other social media accounts contradicted Lady Colin’s claim that there was friction that day, especially since Meghan appeared to be very close to Charles and Camilla at the time.

One account suggested: “I think people were celebrating the new [wed] unite more than PCs [Prince Charles] 70 and that was the problem, without disrespecting Lady C. “

When Harry was giving a speech acknowledging his father’s accomplishments, she stood next to her in-laws and shared a laugh with them after a bee distracted the Duke of Sussex from her address.

Meghan was also caught on camera sticking her tongue out after Harry’s accident, a move others believe on social media may have upset Camilla.

A royalty fan commented on @ Murky_Meg’s Twitter thread, suggesting that Meghan and Harry could have been asked to leave after Meghan “improperly took gifts and stuck her tongue out at Camilla.”

However, another commented that such action was “difficult to expel.”