Matthew Wolfe scored 65, Bryson de Chamboyu entered the final round of the US Open with 2 shots

MEMORONEK, NY – Matthew Wolf is playing his first US Open and making his own way.

It starts with a shot gouges out rough. He makes six birdies with it, the last of which is a giant 7-iron of the first cut of a rough that landed on the winged foot on the 18th green and on the floor above and fixed 10 feet to the right of the pin to match the best score – 5 -Under 65 – on the winged foot in Major.

With a blueprint to avoid the rough – and the main – he made just two fairways on Saturday on one course. The 21-year-old California’s only number was a two-shot lead going into the final round.

“There are a lot of holes that maybe people will try to hit him from the turn or take a safe game because it’s the US Open, and they know Pars is a good score,” Wolfe said. “But I don’t really like to think about it. I like to go there and I like to do what makes me happy, the dog tears and I like to see how it goes from there.”

It’s going so well that Wolf became the second U.S. player after Bobby Jones in 1923. Is far from a round of becoming open champions.

The US Open champion may be considered to be playing with short grass or maybe the Wolf is so dynamic and talented that it doesn’t matter.

Either way, he took a two-shot lead over Brian de Chembue, the second man with his own recipe to hit just three ferries where he managed to hang up to 70 to keep his his hopes alive.

“That round was a very big fight today,” said De Chembue, who was still on the range in the dark on Saturday night. “I was proud of the way I have to stay there today. It was difficult. Especially when you don’t hit it straight at the fair. For me it felt like I put it in myself, really well wrecked.” “

Then whether it was the first cut or the nasty rough, he kept giving the hips one last fight before blasting the wolf and giving himself birdie chances. He fired 30 shots at the front nine – and missed a 6-foot birdie putt at No. 8 after hitting the first field of the round – and then letting many loose.

Patrick Reid, bound for the lead on the turn, could not find the fairway and returned with 43 in the back nine. Reed had a three-shot lead after two holes. He went from 18th Green to 77 and was eight shots behind.

“Anyone in my position would be disappointed, especially coming into the lead today,” Reed said. “The great thing is that tomorrow is always there, and as I said, it’s open to the US. Yet eight shots sounds like a lot … you never know.

Colin Morikawa, 23, won the PGA Championship last month in his first attempt. Now here comes Wolf, playing his first US Open at the age of 21. Is it now then?

The last US Open champion to win his debut was Frances Is Emmet in 1913. This was the last time he played in the US Open in September.

Wolf said, “I’m probably going to be a little ante. It’s the US Open, and I have the lead.” Wolf said, “I’ll try to keep my nerves as calm as I can. I put myself in a really good place. I did everything I could until this point, and tomorrow I will go there, I promise I will try my best. ”

He was at 5-under 205.

The way out of the De Chambue grass could have been as easy as the left, right and left reed. But after opening with two bogies, it kept wandering away – 15 straight holes which is not something bad. He rallied with two late birdies until the short cross was lost on the 18th of 1970.

She will be in a quiet affair with any audience in the main, final group for the first time.

U.S. The opener started with 21 players. There were six going on the weekend. Now it’s down to three, with Louis Ost Stuizen effectively finishing 68 at 1-under 209.

Hideki Matsuama (70), Xander Shoufile (70) and Harris English (72) were at exactly 210. The other was 21-year-old Rory McLeroy, who posted 68 just three hours before the leaders finished.

“It doesn’t take much here … and all of a sudden you’re thick of things.” McLeroy said. “It doesn’t matter where I am at the end of the day, I feel like I’ve got a great shot.”

It’s all based on Oklahoma State NCAA Champion Wolf, who won the PGA Tour in his third event as a pro last summer at the 3M Open in Minnesota.

“I think I’m ready to win here and Major ready to win.” Wolfe said, “It’s a major. It’s really important and yes, it’s really early in my career. But I think I have a game to win. I’m 21. And I’m not saying it will happen. But I put myself in a really good place, and obviously I feel really good with my game. “

From the first cut of the rough on the opening hole, he reached the right surface of the contracted green for a 15-foot birdie. From the right rough at No. 4, he hit with another 15-foot birdie putt. And then he really poured on her.

He proceeded down the bunker for Birdie, next to the greens on a short par-4 sixth. He birdied a 12-foot birdie on par-3 seventh. He finished the last nine with a two-fold eagle at No. 9 after hitting the final fairway of the round.

His loan bogie arrived on the 16th when he was in such a bad lie in the rough that he couldn’t reach the green. And he ended up with a very strong hop. His iron from the tee was pierced ounce into a thick rough and went back to the previous cut. She set her shot on the greenery, and Wolf got the chance.

“I know I can play well if I don’t hit the turn tomorrow.” Wolf said with a smile.