Matt Ray of the Falcons has addressed the challenges ahead after a flurry of teamwork

Matt Ray understood the need to play better as the Atlanta Falcons started the season with five straight losses, firing their coach and general manager and not getting a vote of confidence from the owner.

RJ, a one-time NFL MVP with 1,472 pass yards, seven touchdown passes and three intercepts this season, has largely maintained a bargaining chip. But team owner Arthur Blanc said after the latest employee move that he wanted to give the future general manager the direction of the franchise.

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“Forever, there has been a line in the locker room that we rent this locker,” RJ told reporters Wednesday, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “You have to go out and pay the rent and earn your present day and day. Regardless of whether you are in year 1 or 13 or anywhere, it is our responsibility as players to go out and perform there. We are paid to do that. “

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Atlanta started 1-7 last season but ended 7-9. Ryan said he realized what he wanted to eat after a weak season – a high draft pick that could be a franchise-changer.

“I can’t worry about that yet,” he said. “It’s not like we’re making this transition and it’s the end of December. We are in mid-October, and we have 11 games against us.

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“Worrying about those things, as players, will distract us from what we need to do. Get yourself ready for it and get ready for the Minnesota Vikings this weekend. I’m sure the way we move forward is not all about how we rebuild or restructure our organization. They are trying to win this Sunday. ”

Raul has not thrown a touchdown pass since playing for the Chicago Bears on Sept. 27. Of course, Julio Jones is not sad, but the giant receiver has not been the healthiest in the last few years of his career.

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The Falcons play the Vikings on Sunday. Minnesota is 1-4 and 27th in points and 26th in the yard. There is no better chance for the Falcons to pull back the monkey this week.