Mask mandates in CDC studies slow coronavirus transmission; Eating out can increase the cases

NEW YORK (AP) – A new national study adds strong evidence that a mask command can slow the spread of coronavirus, and eating out in a restaurant can increase cases and deaths.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the study on Friday.

“All of this is very relevant,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Valensky said during a White House briefing on Friday. “Your cases and deaths decrease when you wear a mask, and your cases and deaths increase when you eat at a private restaurant.”

The study was presented in the same way that some states are defending the mask order and restaurant restrictions. Earlier this week, Texas became the largest state to remove its own mask rule, despite requests from health officials to join the movement by many governors to lift the COVID-19 ban.

William Henag, an expert at Harvard University, said: “This is a solid work that makes the case so strong that eating individually is one of the more important things that needs to be handled if you are controlling the epidemic,” Were not involved.

The new research is based on small CDC studies, one of which found that people in 10 states who became infected in July were more likely to have eaten at restaurants and another 10 states that received mask orders were associated with a reduction in hospital admissions.

CDC researchers looked at U.S. counties and counties placed under a mask order issued by the state that allow meals in restaurants – both inside and outside the table. The study looked at data from March to December last year.

Scientists have discovered that mask mandates are associated with reduced coronavirus transmission, and new cases and deaths have improved over time.

The decline in growth rate varies from half a percentage point to about 2 percentage points. It may seem small, but a large number of people in it means the effect increases over time, experts said.

What happens in a restaurant restaurant rent does not happen in a restaurant restaurant rent.

Ill William Henaz, an expert at Harvard University on the dynamics of the disease

“Every day the growth rate is declining, in terms of cases and deaths – there is a significant increase in the cumulative effect,” said CDC scientist Gary Guy Jr., who was the lead author of the study.

There was no significant increase in cases of restaurant dining reopening in the 40 days after the ban was lifted. But since then, the growth rate of the case has increased by about 1 percentage point and – later – the growth rate of death by 2 to 3 percentage points.

The delay may be because the restaurant may not reopen immediately and because many customers may be reluctant to dine after the restrictions are lifted, Guy said.

Also, there is always an infection when people get infected and when they get sick, and they end up in the hospital for a long time and die. In the case of eating, the delay in death may also be due to the fact that the eater does not die himself, but they can infect and then spread it to other people who have died of illness.

“What happens in a restaurant doesn’t live in a restaurant,” he said.

CDC officials stopped saying that premises non-premises dining needs to be closed. But they said that if the restaurant restaurant rent is open, they should follow as many preventive measures as possible, such as promoting outdoor dining, having adequate indoor ventilation, masking employees and telling customers to wear masks whenever they don’t eat or drink.

There were limitations to the study. For example, researchers tried to create calculations that accounted for other policies, such as a ban on mass gatherings or bar closures, which could affect cases and mortality. But the authors acknowledged that they could not be held accountable for all possible influences – such as the reopening of the school.

“It’s always very difficult to nail a causal relationship well,” Henag said. “But when you combine it with all the other stuff about the virus, it conveys the message of the cost of wearing a mask and the hazard of eating in a restaurant.”

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