Major League Soccer Announces COVID-19 Trial Update

Major League Soccer on Sunday provided an update on the COVID-19 test results for players, coaches and club staff since the resumption of full team training on June 4. As of Sunday, 18 MLS players and six club staff members received a positive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) before traveling to Orlando for the MLS Back Tournament. A total of 668 players have been tested since early June.

In connection with the resumption of full team training in early June, MLS clubs began conducting extensive testing of MLS players and technical staff consisting of:

  • Complete two PCR tests 24 hours apart within approximately 72 hours before the start of training; and
  • Continuous PCR tests every other day once training started.

Twenty-five of the 26 MLS clubs were able to begin full team training before traveling to Orlando for the MLS Comeback Tournament, and all 25 clubs conducted tests in accordance with this protocol.

Before traveling to Orlando, all players, coaches, referees, club staff, and league staff must complete two additional PCR tests 24 hours apart and within approximately 72 hours of travel. Upon arrival in Florida, all individuals must perform another PCR test immediately and are quarantined until they receive the results of that test. To date, 329 people have received PCR tests at the site, and two were positive, and both were players who had just arrived.

Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 while in Orlando will participate in a clinical evaluation by a health care provider and will be transferred to the hotel’s isolation area until they receive medical clearance.

While isolated, MLS players and other staff members will be in daily communication and receive remote care from a healthcare provider, including symptom monitoring and regular follow-up testing.

MLS is working closely with the Florida Department of Health in Orange County and Osceola County to identify any close contacts. Close contacts will also receive follow-up PCR tests and may be restricted from participation in group meals and recreational activities until authorized.

Starting June 30, MLS will provide an update every two days with added COVID-19 testing from everyone involved in the MLS Back Tournament and staying at the host hotel in Florida.