Macy’s to kick off New York fireworks shows tonight

Macy’s will kick off six nights of fireworks shows in New York City on Monday night, but residents of the Big Apple won’t be told exactly where or when the fireworks will take place.

Organizers of the show, dubbed “Macy’s Fireworks – Reimagined,” worked with city officials to hide the display’s whereabouts in what they say is an effort to prevent crowds of people from gathering to watch the lights explode as the city fights the coronavirus. outbreak.

The daily secret shows will continue until July 4 on Saturday, when the final show is broadcast on NBC, the company said in a statement.

“Each show is short and will end before residents can gather at its source,” said the retail giant, whose 34th Street flagship store was looted amid social unrest in the city earlier this month.

“The displays will launch from one or two terrestrial or aquatic locations over the course of a week-long celebration spanning each district of New York City.”

But the idea has drawn some criticism from local officials, who noted that the city has been invaded by illegal fireworks displays for about a month.

“My constituents are extremely concerned about Macy’s fireworks,” Manhattan City President Gale Brewer wrote in a tweet.

“There are already surprise fireworks shows in our neighborhoods, to the anguish of people with PTSD and pets. Having a surprise 6-day trip fireworks show in the midst of a budget crisis doesn’t make sense, ”he added.