LOOK: Twitter roasts the Texas Rangers for a new stadium, compares it to an abandoned warehouse

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MLB Management Plan with Covid-19 Positive Tests

The Texas Rangers revealed their $ 1.2 billion stadium on Tuesday and baseball fans, at least on Twitterverse, are less than impressed. The final product does not exactly align with the images in the proposal and, as always, the Internet is taking advantage of the possibility of a barbecue.

The Rangers’ social media team gave the first introduction to Globe Life Park in Arlington, also showing inside the stadium.

The interior look is more impressive than the smooth exterior, but that doesn’t say much.

People have been comparing not only the actual park with others, but also the boring view it has. Some MLB team houses overlook beautiful cities or have water views, and this one seems to be in the middle of nowhere.

Here are some of the best reactions on Twitter:

I would say it looks better on paper.

While you play, you can buy some appliances.

It looks like a shed.

The Simpsons really predict everything.

Somehow, a Houston Astros trash can always reference.

Costco’s first retractable roof is here!

And the winner of the worst building is …

The video did not show this section of the park.

This person makes a point about air conditioning.

It’s the Toy Story / MLB crossover you didn’t know you needed.

“The burgers are coming!”

On Tuesday, MLB announced a 60-game season that will begin in late July. It is unknown at this time whether fans will be allowed in each stadium, or whether each team will be allowed to make their own capacity call.

Some owners plan fans, but they likely have limited entries for each game.