Logitech’s Pro X gaming headset goes wireless for $ 200

Like many of Logitech’s wireless gaming headsets, the Pro X Wireless relies on a USB dongle to connect to your PC. That enables it to deliver more reliable, higher-quality audio than standard Bluetooth headsets. The company claims that its battery should last around 20 hours, which is close to what I saw during my tests. Charging the headphones every once in a while is worthy compensation for being completely wireless.

The Pro X Wireless microphone connects to a 3.5mm port along the front of the left earcup. That’s useful if you want to remove it entirely while listening to music, but I’d like to see a more convenient retractable unit. It would also have been nice to see Blue’s hardware in the microphone, but Logitech tells us it’s a fairly standard cardioid unit. The real magic is in store for Logitech’s G Hub software, where you can activate “Blue VO! CE” and choose from a variety of recording presets. You can also adjust a variety of tools, such as a high-pass filter, de-esser, and compressor, and there is also a basic equalizer to adjust.

I did not expect much, but Blue VO! CE definitely adds a remarkable amount of richness to my voice recordings. Sure, I’d never mistake the results for a dedicated microphone, but it still sounds solid for a gaming headset. Hopefully Logitech can get real Blue hardware in their next headphones.

You will be able to clip on your Logitech G Pro X Wireless Lightspeed headphones when it hits stores in August. At $ 200, though, it’s a lot more expensive than other solid picks for wireless headsets, like the $ 130 HyperX Cloud Flight. And if losing the wire isn’t all that appealing to you, the wired Pro X is a lot cheaper, too. at $ 130.