Lindsay Graham requested donations to her Senate re-election campaign

  • Senator Lindsay Graham applied for the campaign donation after a hearing in the Supreme Court to confirm Judge Amy Connie Barrett.
  • Graham is in a tight Senate race in South Carolina against Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison.
  • Demanding campaign contributions to the federal building is illegal.
  • From July to September, Harris made a record $ 57 million Gra, compared to Graham’s Gra 28 million.
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Senator Lindsay Graham requested a publicity donation after a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing to uphold Supreme Court Judge Amy Connie Barrett.

“I think the people of South Carolina are excited about Judge Barrett. I don’t know how much of an impact it had on funding today, but if you want to help me close the gap,” Graham told reporters after the hearing.

He quickly noted that it is illegal to solicit campaign contributions to a federal building.

“Senate members and staff may not receive or solicit campaign contributions to any federal building,” according to the Senate Select Committee on Ethics.

Graham’s Democratic challenger Jaime Harris raised a record $ 57 million from July to September – the largest quarterly fundraiser for a Senate candidate in history, according to a Newsweek report. Graham told reporters he raised 28 million.

The Republican senator made a similar request during a meeting with Fox & Friends. Graham insisted that Harrison’s support largely came from outside the state in an attempt to get him out.

Graham also brought Senate membership and money during Tuesday’s Ascotus hearing.

“I want to know where it’s coming from,” Graham said, Politico reported.

The chairman of the committee, Graham, appears to be banking on his role in helping another Supreme Court judge retain his seat in the Senate.

He had earlier said he would not consider a Supreme Court nominee in an election year, but has been a champion in advancing Barrett’s nomination in the weeks leading up to the election.