Lefrenier No. 1 pick in the 2020 NHL Draft by the Rangers; Bayfield makes history

“I’m really excited to join the New York Rangers and can’t wait to see the fans,” Lefrenier said. “I’ve heard a lot of good things about fans and the building (Madison Square Garden), so I’m really excited to be in New York in the next few months, maybe. I hope we get a good income. Season. I’m really honored.”

The left led the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League with 77 assists and 112 points for Rimoski and was voted QMJHL MVP, QMJHL Personality of the Year and Canadian Hockey League Player of the Year for the second straight season.

On August 10, Rangers won No. 1 in the second round of the NHL Draft Lottery.

“I think just throwing on a Rangers jersey … that’s pretty cool,” LaFrenier said. “Growing up, you would dream of being drafted into the NHL, and only get NHL jerseys, and especially New York jerseys … that’s unreal to me.”

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The draft was rescheduled from June due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus. It was conducted virtually for the first time, with each team selecting from its draft room in their hometown and Commissioner Gary Batman, based at NHL Studios in Secus, New Jersey.

Round 2-7 will be Wednesday (11:30 am ET; NHLN, SN1).

Center Quinton Bayfield was ranked No. 2 by the Los Angeles Kings, the most-chosen black player in NHL history. Next Evander Kane (2009 NHL Draft, Atlanta Thrashers) and Defensemen Seth Jones (2013 NHL Draft, Nashville Predators) were selected with each No. 4 pick.

“[Being the first Black player chosen] “There’s something positive,” Bayfield said. I just want to continue to spread positivity and awareness on the subject. “

Bayfield has scored 82 points (32 goals, 50 assists) in 45 games with Sudbury this season in the Ontario Hockey League.

“I’m not very nervous, but I was very nervous and excited for the moment. You’ve been waiting your whole life,” Byfield said. “Celebrating with my family right now is something special.

“I was definitely restless, and hearing my name called was definitely a big relief off my shoulders. I can’t wait to move to Los Angeles now.”

Video: Kings Draft C Quinton Bayfield No. 2

Forward Tim Stutzel was chosen at No. 3 by Ward Towa Senators, who also selected defender Jack Sanderson at No. 5.

Stevensle has scored 34 points (seven goals, 27 assists) in uet1 games this season for Adler Mann Naheim of Germany’s top professional men’s league, the Deutsche Ischey Liga. It is the most preferred draft of the NHL, born and trained in Germany. Leon Daraisatl No. 3 was selected by the Edmonton Oilers in the 2014 NHL Draft.

“It’s a great honor [picked] by ttta senators, “Stutzel said.” But, in the end, I want to build a team. This was my first step right now. I want to build a team as soon as possible and try to show my best every day. “

Sanderson was the first of two players born in the United States; Center Brendan Bryson was drafted 29th by the Vegas Golden Knights. Eleven US-born players were selected in the first round of the 2019 NHL Draft.

The 19 Canadian-born players were selected on Tuesday, the highest in the first round since 2003 (19).

Iroslav Askarov became the most drafted goalkeeper born in Russia in the history of the NHL and the fifth to be selected in the first round.

“I’m full of emotions right now,” Escarve said. “I feel joy and happiness and still don’t understand what happened. Every kid has dreams and goals, and I was one of them. When I started playing hockey, I dreamed about the NHL, and today is the first step. To make it real. “

German-born Lucas Rachel is ranked 17th by the Chicago Blackhawks, ahead of IceBaren Berlin (Dell). Earlier this year, five German-born and trained players were selected in the first round, but no more than one in any year.

“It’s very good for German hockey,” Stutzl said. “What [Draisaitl] Done (voted NHL MVP this season), as I said before, is unbelievable. Many children look at it. “

Forward Lucas Raymond was picked at number 4 by the Detroit Red Wings. Defender Jamie Drysdale was selected No. 6 by the Anaheim Ducks, Alexander Holtz was ranked No. 7 by the New Jersey Devils, Jack Quinn was ranked No. 8 by the Buffalo Sabers, and Center Marco Rossi was ranked No. 9. Came. Minnesota Wild, and Forward Cole Perfetti ranked 10th by the Winnipeg Jets.

Video: Picking up every first round from the 2020 NHL Draft

The Rangers finished 18th in the NHL standings this season and were the first team since the 1994 NHL Draft, when the Florida Panthers finished 16th (Ed Jovanowski) to finish low and take first place. New York was the first team to participate in the Posts Team Sun and finished first after the 1983 NHL Draft (Minnesota North Stars, Brian L. Ton Ton).

This is the 19th time the team has been ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in consecutive NHL Drafts. Rangers chose forward Cut Uncle After the Devils selected center, with the No. 2 pick in the 2019 draft Jack Hughes At number 1.

The Rangers had the No. 1 peak for the second time; They selected Andre Wilux in the 1965 NHL Draft.

Lafrenier was sitting with his parents, Nathalie and Hugo, and sister, Lori-Jane, when he was selected by the Rangers.

“We are 10 out of 10 with enthusiasm, to be honest with you,” said New York President John Davidson. “These things happen only once in a lifetime, it seems. To choose once in a lifetime, it’s almost dramatic. The whole time we had a look at Alexis, but for me it was a good part, or a great part, or a wonderful part , When he put on that jersey.

“When he put on that jersey, it looks like he was, he was perfect. He’s already pro in many ways.”

Lafrenier is the first ranked player to be selected from the goalkeeper Mark-Andre Fleury By the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2003 NHL Draft. The last Quebec-born skater to be selected was No. 1, Vincent Lecavalier, center by lightning in the 1998 NHL Draft.

“I think it makes a lot of sense,” Lafrenier said. “It makes a lot of sense to me. Just being able to represent Quebec City … I think it’s something special for me and I’m really excited to continue and try to make them proud again.”

Video: Lafarge on the Rangers picked him up first overall

The Rangers advanced to No. 19 with Calgary Flames and preferred defender Braden Snyder in the first leg of the next leg. The Flames got the No. 22 pick and the third round pick (No. 72), and then the Trade No. 22 pick (Center Conor Toxic) and the No. 22 pick for the Capitals for the third round pick (No. 80).

The Senators and Devils each had three elections in the first round. 28 Tova, who has picked center Ridley Grigg with the No. 28 pick, has four picks in the second round and 12 picks in all.

New Jersey also ranked Center Dawson Mercer at No. 18 and Defense Shakir Mukmadulin at No. 20.

The Rangers were one of eight teams with a 12.5 percent chance of winning the No. 1 pick after being eliminated from the Stanley Cup qualifiers. The picks were handed out on June 26 in the first round of the lottery. As part of the 24-Team Return to Play plan, Hurricane Carolina swept New York into their best-5 qualifier series.

Yevgeny Ryabchikov, No. 21, by the Boston Bruins in 1994; Semion VerlamovNo. 23 by Washington Capitals in 2006; Andrei Vasilevsky, No. 23 in 2012 by Tampa Bay Lightning; And Ilya SamsonovThe second Russian-born goal, ranked 22nd by Washington Washington in 2015, was selected in the first round.

2020 NHL Draft First Round

1. New York Rangers: Alexis Lafrenier, f

2. Los Angeles Kings: Quinton Bayfield, c

O. O Tova Senators: Tim Stutzel, f

4. Detroit Red Wings: Luca Raymond, f

O. Ottawa Senators: Jack Sanderson, d

6. Anaheim Ducks: Jamie Drysdale, d

7. New Jersey Devils: Alexander Holtz, f

8. Buffalo Sabers: Jack Quinn, f

9. Minnesota Wild: Marco Rossi, c

10. Winnipeg Jets: Cole Perfetti, c

11. Nashville Predators: Iroslav Eskarov, g

12. Florida Panthers: Anton Lundell, c

13. Hurricane Carolina: Seth Jarvis, c

14. Edmonton Oilers: Dylan Holloway, c

15. Toronto Maple Leaves: Rodian Amirov, F.

16. Montreal Canadians: Kaiden Guhle, d

17. Chicago Blackhawks: Lucas Rachel, f

18. New Jersey Devils: Dawson Mercer, c

19. New York Rangers: Braden Snyder, d

20. New Jersey Devils: Shakir Mumamaddulin, d

21. Columbus Blue Jackets: Yegor Chinakhov, F.

22. Washington Washington Capital: Hendrix Lap Pierre, c

23. Philadelphia Flyers: Tyson Forster, f

24. Calgary Flames: Connor Toxic, c

25. Colorado Avalanche: Justin Baron, d

26. St. Louis Blues: Jack Neighbors, f

27. Anaheim Ducks: Jacob Periolt, f

28. Ottawa Senators: Quick Gregg, c

29. Vegas Golden Knights: Brendan Bryson, c

30. Dallas Stars: Maverick Bark, c

31. San Jose Sharks: Ozzy Wiesblatt, f

Notes: Select No. 3 from Sharks; Choose number 13 from Maple Leafs; Choose number 15 from the Pittsburgh Penguins; Choose No. 18 from Arizona Coyotes; Choose number 19 from Flames; Pick No. 20 from the Vancouver Canucks by Tampa Bay Lightning; Select No. 22 from Flames by Rangers; Select the number 24 from the capitals; Choose No. 27 from the Boston Bruins; Choose number 28 from the New York Islands; Select number 31 from Lightning