Latest news about coronavirus case and vaccine

The United States is sending the Covid-1 vaccine and is ready to administer it next week. Pfizer and Moderna officials told Congress Tuesday that drug manufacturers are preparing to nearly double their current output. And on Wednesday, Food and Drug Administration staff endorsed Johnson and Johnson’s one-shot vaccine, clearing the way for authorization of emergency use just like this week. Jammu and its executive said that once the drug is authorized, the company will be ready to send more than 20 million doses by the end of March.

CNBC Using Johns Hopkins University data, the U.S. calculated a seven-day average. Every day at least 71,500 new Kovid-19 cases and at least 2,030 virus-related deaths are reported.

The following data was compiled by Johns Hopkins University:

  • Global case: more than 112.2 million
  • Global deaths: at least 2.48 million
  • U.S. Case: More than 28.26 million
  • U.S. deaths: at least 502,681