Latest changes to possible 2020 rules

If there is a 2020 Major League Baseball season, everyone who follows the game knows it will be unusual for thousands of reasons. The regular season will only last 60 games, on the one hand, and that means the COVID-19 pandemic won’t get in the way. There also appear to be quite a few changes to the rules, as Chris Cotillo of relays (Twitter links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

  • MLB plans to roll out 30-man rosters, rather than 26, to start the season. However, the total of 30 men will drop to 28 on day 15 of the season. On the 29th it will drop to 26th and will remain there forever.
  • The trading deadline is normally July 31, but it is expected to be moved to August 31 of this year.
  • A runner starting at second base in additional innings would only apply in the regular season, not the playoffs. The batter who made it to the final in the previous inning would start extras in the second.
  • MLB may decide to suspend games that do not last at least five innings due to weather. In other words, they will remain in limbo until teams can finish them at a later date.
  • Both pitchers and position players would likely have a 10-day disabled list. For players who are seriously injured, the 60-day IL would be reduced to 45 days.
  • Three days before the resumption of spring training, teams must submit rosters of 60 players who will be eligible to play during the season (rosters of 40 men plus squadrons of taxis). All players would not show up for spring training at the same time. They would report on a “staggered” basis, and would be at the ballpark at different times.

More to come.