Kurt Warner: Cam Newton can do with the Patriots what I did with the Cardinals

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Kurt Warner was a league’s Most Valuable Player with the Rams before injuries and ineffective play saw him cut twice and largely viewed as washout. And then he went back to line up with the Cardinals and became a Pro Bowler and Super Bowl starter again.

Warner believes Cam Newton can follow a similar path with the Patriots.

Newton was the league’s MVP in 2015, but has seen his production drop noticeably since then, and last year he played in just two games. This year the Panthers cut him and it took him so far to reach a deal with the Patriots, but Warner believes Newton will return to the top.

“I was able to get back into shape, playing at a Pro Bowl level and reaching the Super Bowl one more time,” Warner wrote on NFL.com. “Knowing Cam’s record and the competitor within him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he once again reached the top of the league.”

Warner solidified his place in the Hall of Fame with an impressive five-year coda for his career in Arizona. Newton can do that in New England.