Kurt Schilling has been asked to remove from the Hall of Fame argument after the character snub

The baseball hall will not have a 2021 class in the Hall of Fame, as voters shut out on Tuesday, rejecting all 25 candidates for admission to Cooperstown.

Game mode: The top three candidates – Kurt Schilling (.11.1%), Barry Bonds (.81. %%) and Roger Clemens (.61. %%) – all fell short of the required 75%.

What he says: Schilling, who was just 16 votes short, shared a letter on Facebook that ripped off baseless writers and called for them to be removed from the ballot in 2022.

  • “I will not run in the final year of voting. I request to be removed from the ballot,” Schilling wrote. “I will defer the p te committee and the men, whose views really matter and who are really in a position to judge a player.”
  • According to ESPN, the social gender has faced a backlash in recent years for political opinions presented on social media. This included a 2016 tweet in which he appeared to support lynching journalists, and more recently, U.S. His support for the January 6 pro-Trump mob attack on the Capitol.

Top recipients:

  • Shilling: 71.1%
  • Bonds: 61.8%
  • Clemens: 61.6%
  • Scott Rollen: 52.9%
  • Omar Visquel: 49/1%
  • Billy Wagner: 46.4%
  • Todd Hilton: 44.9%
  • Gary Sheffield: 40.6%
  • Andrew Jones: 33.9%
  • Jeff Kent: 32.4%

Note: The Hustle Fame candidate was not selected by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, and this is the fourth time since the 1968 election repeal rules were changed.

What’s next: Voters have 10 years to consider candidates, and shillings, bonds and clemences are extended on the ballot for nine.

  • So next year’s election The authors will hold a final referendum on the three controversial players.
  • If they are not elected, His fate will come on a 16-person panel of historians known as Hallfamers, team officials and the P histor committee.

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