Kristen Bell no longer voices the black character Central Park

He is not a black person.
Photo: Getty Images

Well, it certainly has been a good day for white actresses voicing black characters in animated series, of which surprisingly there are more than one. On Wednesday June 24, white comedian Jenny Slate visited Instagram to announce that she would no longer give voice to Missy, a black character, in the Netflix animated comedy series. Big Mouth because “black characters in an animated show should be played by black people. ” Hours (and probably hundreds of frantic texts) later, the creative team behind Apple TV + Central Park announced that white actress Kristen Bell would no longer give voice to Molly, a black character from the animated comedy series. Two animated black characters named Molly and Missy voiced by white actresses in 2020? Amazing cinematic parallels there, without a doubt The Declaration of Central Park Creators Loren Bouchard, Josh Gad, Nora Smith, Halsted Sullivan, and Sanjay Shah say the following: