Kremlin launches probe into Alexei Navalny’s alleged Kremlin poisoning

The Kremlin has announced the launch of a probe into the hospitalization of Alexei Navalny – the Russian opposition leader whose allies say he has suffered a state poisoning. Navalny, one of Vladimir Putin’s most famous critics, is in a medically induced coma in a Berlin hospital. Before being flown to Germany last weekend, he was treated in a Siberian hospital after crashing during a flight from the city of Tomsk. The German doctors treating him say they suspect he is poisoned – although the Russian doctors treating Navalny claim that this is not the case. Russia’s Interior Ministry announced on Thursday that it had launched an investigation into Navalny’s hospitalization, Reuters reported. The minister said it had already inspected the Tomsk hotel room where Navalny remained and looked for surveillance material from the surrounding areas. To no one’s surprise, the statement added that, so far, the ministry had found no evidence of crime.

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