Klamath County Reports 6 New COVID-19 Cases; Jackson County adds 1 case

MEDFORD, Oregon. Local public health officials began announcing new confirmed cases of coronavirus in southern Oregon and northern California beginning Monday, June 22. The numbers for each county will be updated below as soon as NewsWatch 12 receives its latest figures.


Jackson County Public Health reported a new case Monday, with a total of 91. As of Monday, at least 65 people were considered recovered from the virus.

These latest cases are not linked to a recent outbreak in Harry and David, Jackson County officials said. In the latest report, eight employees and three close contacts had tested positive for coronavirus, and a contact-tracking investigation is ongoing.

“People stay less at home: They go back to work, increase their trips, attend social gatherings, and participate in physical activities,” county health officials said. “It is important to understand that the virus has not been killed and that there is no vaccine available to prevent people from contracting this infection. Therefore, there is still a risk that people will become sick with COVID-19 and transmit the disease to Others. Jackson County Public Health expects to see an increase in COVID-19 cases as people resume their daily routines. “


The Klamath County Public Health Department reported 6 new confirmed cases on Monday, bringing the County total to 94. County officials say 45 of those cases have been recovered and are no longer active.

An increasing number of recent cases have been among younger people. 12 cases are between 0 and 19 years old, 12 more cases between 20 and 29, 21 cases between 30 and 39 and 17 cases between 40 and 49. Although 19 cases have been reported among adults aged 50-59 years, far fewer cases have been reported. among people older than that range.

“The recent growth in COVID-19 cases is largely due to successful contact tracking,” public health officials said. “Tracing is done to identify and evaluate those who have been exposed. The honesty and cooperation of positive cases and their contacts to answer calls and help protect the community is a valuable contribution to help keep the community safe. and healthy.

“The Klamath community is known for doing the right thing, especially when it comes to our friends and neighbors. Public Health is proud to be involved in a process that shows that our community faces a challenge with integrity and mutual respect.”

As of June 22, 4,664 tests from Klamath County had been processed by laboratories.


The Josephine County Public Health Department last reported a new positive case on Wednesday, with a total of 26 cases in the county. Of those cases, 22 are considered recovered.

The agency said it will now provide data weekly on Friday afternoon with a published update if a new suspected or confirmed case occurs.

The county marked the first death attributed to the virus in southern Oregon on April 11, an 81-year-old man.


Lake County last reported 6 confirmed cases of coronavirus. A test was still pending until the last update.


Curry County last reported a total of 7 cases, all considered recovered. 600 people have tested negative for the virus.


Siskiyou County officials reported a new case of coronavirus on Sunday. There are now 23 confirmed cases in total in the county. 12 of those cases have since been recovered. There are 11 active cases in the county.

Siskiyou County has evaluated 2,763 people. 2,525 tests have been negative. There are currently 215 tests awaiting results.

Total number of cases (suspected and confirmed) by county for southern Oregon and the Siskiyou County region:

  • Jackson: 91 (65 recovered)
  • Klamath: 94 (45 recovered)
  • Josephine: 26 (22 recovered, 1 death)
  • Lake: 6
  • Curry: 7 (7 recovered)
  • Siskiyou: 23 (11 recovered)

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