Kim Kardashian John does Sun St. West, “still looks beautiful” when he cuts his hair

St. West Moving forward with the new ‘Do’ in 2021!

No. 5 year old son Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Decided to give herself a New Year’s haircut and cut her own hair on Thursday, December 31, much to her mother’s chagrin.

On her Instagram story, Kim shared some smiling photos of the saint with her new hairstyle and joked that she was “still looking beautiful.” One picture showed a pair of red baby scissors next to a pair of scissors that made the deed.

The saint celebrated his 5th birthday earlier this month at the Alpine Estate in Lake Tahoe during the Kardashian family vacancy. In his honor, SKIMS “A soul mate of my life. Every year I interview my children and ask them the same exact questions about life. Saint- I can’t wait. See how you are.” How you grew up and how you respond [sic] These questions are 5 years old and show them to you when you are older. “

St. West’s cutest brother Moments

He threw a drive-by party because of the coronavirus epidemic, and admitted he was “not ideal.” The reality star added on Insta, “You’re always so happy and bring so much joy to my soul every day. You’ll always be my baby boy. Enjoy your golden birthday this year Centi!”

Kim Kardashian, St. West, Instagram
Kim Kardashian, St. West, Instagram

Last September, his eldest son proved that he was indeed a family chillost when he radiated IDGF vibes during a West Family photoshoot.

The Kardashian clan recently played a Christmas party at home with their close relatives in the holiday season. Naturally, Kim left herself behind in a green “six pack” couture look that only she could pull off.

Kim Kardashian, Northwest, St. West, Christmas 2020
Kim Kardashian, Northwest, St. West, Christmas 2020

The mom of four is spending a lot of time these days apart from her husband, as she and Kenny continue to be saints as well as parents. Northwest, 7, Chicago West, 2, and Psalm West, 19 months.

“Kim and Kanye are doing their own thing,” the source told Ine! News two weeks ago, saying that parents each “focus on the things that are important to them.”

We learned, “[Kim] Doing her thing and [Kanye] Its doing. He doesn’t micromanage or worry too much about her … she lets him go out and let it be who he is. That’s what it is. “

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