Kim Kardashian debuts new red hair: ‘Do you love him?’

Kim Kardashian is now a redhead.

The 39-year-old beauty mogul joined the many stars who have been experimenting with hair color during the quarantine, showing off a new bright red tint job on social media Monday.

“Guys, I dyed my hair red. Do you like it? “Kardashian asked her followers in a video on her Instagram Stories, her fiery hair tucked into a messy bun with tendrils framing the face on either side of her face.

In another video, she reattached her scarlet strands to a sleek low ponytail, pursing her lips in a dangerously low-cut orange bodice.

Kim Kardashian shows off her new red hair on Instagram.
Kim Kardashian shows off her new red hair on Instagram.Instagram

It seems that Kardashian fans really love his new look, at least according to his responses on Twitter. “Oh wait, this is not an OMG filter,” one wrote, while another gushed out, “MY QUEEN WITH RED HAIR.”

The star’s hairdresser Chris Appleton confirmed on Instagram that the hot tone was the real deal, sharing clips of the new ‘do along with the Kardashian caption:’ It’s NOT a wig before you get started on that shit. ‘

Maybe the reality star chose to go red to celebrate her new $ 200 million deal with cosmetics giant Coty, who will see her beauty brand KKW expand into skincare, nail care products, and, yes, products. For the hair.