Khloe Kardashian Answers Fans’ Questions About Her Changing Look

It is safe to say that Khloe Kardashian has faced a lot of recent questions about changes in her appearance. After switching to darker hair last month, Khloe received fan comments saying they “didn’t recognize her,” and others asked, “Why do you look so different in all your photos?” However, Khloe is not someone to take nonsense and she quickly applauded jokingly saying that the change in her appearance was “From my weekly face transplant clearly.”

Still, participating in a question-and-answer session on Twitter with fans this week, Khloe took the opportunity to set the record straight by changing her image, with one fan creating a poll asking followers to choose between “blonde Khloe” and “Khloe brunette”.

Like the good sport that it is, Khloe joked, “Can I vote too?” before continuing to explain her decision to switch to darker hair.

Khloe wrote, “My heart goes out to the blonde. But sometimes a girl just needs to change. I will always go back to the blonde. I think I need something different right now.”

She also replied to a fan who asked how she keeps up with the bleaching of her hair when she does he opts for the blonde, saying that during the confinement she only CBA (us too). “Oh, it’s so annoying! That’s why I couldn’t quarantine in quarantine,” Khloe wrote. “I said yes, I’m going to go dark.”

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As the messages kept coming, Khloe also revealed her plans for her 36th birthday, which is today, joking, “I really don’t like human beans very much, so I love having a quiet birthday with my family. I dream LOL.”

Khloe has been hanging out with her ex-Tristan Thompson while they are parents to their daughter True, celebrating their birthday together in April, and has also left some thirsty comments in Khloe’s Instagram posts. So will we see Tristan join Khloe’s birthday celebrations too? We will keep our eyes wide open.

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