Kellyanne Conway defends Trump’s use of the “kung flu,” months after calling the term “highly offensive.”

Asked in March by journalists about reports of White House employees using the termConway demanded that reporters give the names of employees who allegedly say “Kung Flu.”

“Of course it’s wrong,” said Conway at the time. “That is very offensive, so you should tell everyone who it is.”

When asked about his prior denunciation of the term, Conway said Wednesday that the president was not surrounded by men who were.

“I speak to the president every day, on several different topics,” said Conway. “We don’t always agree on everything.”

The president first labeled the coronavirus as “kung flu“In public last weekend at a rally in Tulsa, Okla.

“I can name ‘Kung flu’, I can name 19 different versions of names,” Trump said. “Many call it a virus, which it is. Many call it flu, what difference does it make?

Tuesday night at an event in Phoenix, Trump said the term again when the crowd requests it, causing loud cheers.

Experts say Trump’s use of the term could lead to an increase in American anti-Asian discrimination In the United States, advocacy groups have found that anti-Chinese rhetoric during the pandemic is related to racist acts against Asian Americans.