Keanu Reeves ‘speed’ decision cost him millions of dollars

Keanu Reeves’ filmography is so vast that he might have forgotten some people that he never appeared in the sequel to Speed. Perhaps this has been forgotten since Reeves has agreed to appear in numerous sequels since then.

Everyone Matrix the movies are obvious, as is the John wick franchise. Too, Bill and Ted 3 It is on the way.

Come back when Speed However, when he came out, Reeves was still relatively early in his career. No doubt he realized that doing sequels was a risky move when so many bad things had already been done. Too, Speed He seemed to catch a weird lightning bolt in a bottle. No wonder she declined to appear on the follow-up.

Keanu Reeves’ star level at the time of ‘Speed’

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Anyone who remembers seeing Speed When it was first released in June 1994 you will know that Reeves fully established himself as a true movie star. Starring Speed It was still a big problem because I had done some action movies before. Most of his films were characters from actors in comedies, romantic comedies, or dramas.

Some of those movies were quirky stand-alone features like the classic My own private Idaho and Even the cowgirls get the blues. Pairing him with Sandra Bullock was a great blow, creating a strong dynamic in a story that favors a fast pace without interruptions.

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves | Jason Merritt / Getty Images

At the time, Speed it was considered fair to an audience that wants to speed up the action during a complacent time. No other action movie had a continuous adrenaline rush like that, if you let Reeves cast more after being accused of being wooden.

Adding great supporting players (especially Dennis Hopper as Howard Payne), it’s no wonder that the film became a box office hit. Creating a sequel was inevitable, and there was every chance that it would become a franchise.

20th Century Fox wanted Keanu Reeves for ‘Speed ​​2’

Everyone thought it was a shoo-in. Reeves would jump straight into a sequel since the chemistry with Bullock on screen was real. According to official sources, Reeves received $ 11 million for the sequel.

However, he turned it down because he reportedly didn’t want to make two action movies in a row. And yet, perplexed, it crashed Johnny Mnemonic The following year, an action movie that was made in Canada.

In addition, he acted in a romantic drama (A walk on clouds), possibly his best movie for a while until making Matrix. The last movie, of course, changed his entire film career. Without those movies, I might have experienced a career break a little earlier.

What was it about Speed ​​2 Does it really keep you away?

The script for ‘Speed ​​2’ had a mixed opinion

Perhaps Reeves gave the first proof that not all actors want to get paid while working in a clunker. Read the Speed ​​2 script early, according to television interviews, and decided to rescue due to thinking that a cruise ship runs slower than a bus. Furthermore, there really was a split in the critical response to the sequel when it was released in 1997.

Despite the shelling at the box office, critics like Roger Ebert praised it for being an exciting transatlantic adventure story. Except, she scoffed at Sandra Bullock’s performance, it was undoubtedly a deciding factor for many viewers upon seeing the criticism.

In the plot, it was explained that the Bullock character (Annie Porter) broke up with the Reeves character and clung to her new boyfriend, Jason Patric. Instead of being a bus, a crowded ocean liner would explode if the ship continued to move.

Yes, many of these could have been done, giving Reeves a gruesome action franchise a little earlier. Instead, he got smarter with Matrix. Now, with him doing more sequels than ever, perhaps he even remembers this wryly, his Jack Traven is perhaps reincarnated John Wick.