Kate and William’s ‘family rules’ with screaming bans and no TV before tea

Kate Middleton and Prince William reportedly have a strict set of “family rules,” including bans on screaming and watching television before dinner.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are said to insist that their children Charlotte, Louis and George never go to bed angry.

Instead, they are encouraged to share what bothers them and to talk about their feelings so that the family can move on.

Screaming is also said to be “absolutely prohibited” for Kate, William and their three children.

The parents apparently decided to apply the rule to themselves in order to present a “united front” to royalty youth.

The couple never allows their children to go to bed angry

A real source told The Sun: “Children are encouraged to talk about their feelings.

“They express concern about school subjects, a swimming lesson, a difficult ballet maneuver, a lost tennis rally, or watching children starve to death in a TV commercial. But a conversation ensues and a solution was found.” .

“It’s not about one parent saying ‘no’ and the other saying ‘yes’ later, since Kate and William want to present a unified parental front to their children.”

Cambridges’ unique parenting style also involves a “chat couch” rather than a “naughty step”

The source added that “emotional training” is key to the royal couple’s parenting style.

They are said to want their children to know how lucky they are and to be aware of the importance of the physical and mental home.

The Cambridges’ unique parenting style has also seen them abandon the traditional “naughty step” and instead use a “chat couch.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton apparently have a strict set of ‘family rules’

Kate Middleton surrounded by her family
Kate married William in May 2011 and has since had three children.

When the young people start screaming, they send them to the sofa, where William or Kate speak calmly to them.

A source previously told the Sun that the couple explains to the children how their behavior has consequences.

William, a future king, has been busy during the crisis with royal video calls and going out to restart physical royal commitments, although with social distancing as a key element.

The duke is the oldest royal member in the throne line who is not considered to be more at risk of coronavirus due to his age.

The monarch is in the high-risk category, and the Prince of Wales is 71, although Charles has already caught the disease and recovered from Covid-19 disease.