Kareem Hunt still loves the Chiefs, happy to see them win the Super Bowl

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The head of the browns, Kareem Hunt, was cut by the Chiefs when a video of him kicking a woman appeared. He said in the past that he regrets that it made him lose being part of last year’s Super Bowl team, but said Monday he could enjoy watching the game and cheering on his former teammates.

Hunt said he cares too much about his old coaches and teammates not to be happy for them.

“I’ve been moved from that,” said Hunt, through the Akron Beacon Journal. “But I love those boys. I have brothers on that team. I came in with a lot of those players. I love the coaches there. They are all good people and they deserved it, and I am happy for them. I speak to many of them and I am very happy for them. They’re champions. They deserve it. I know how hard that team works and how hard they stress to be great. ”

It would be hard not to see going from the Chiefs to the Browns as a step down, but Hunt says he’s happy where he is.