At this point, everyone knows that Kanye West has been talking about running for president. It remains to be seen whether or not he will actually deliver on this promise. However, in recent days, he has held campaign rallies and is even trying to put his name on ballots in all 50 states. For now, this seems like an impossible endeavor, especially with the acceleration of the presidential race before the November elections.

Today, Kanye turned to Twitter to express his confidence in his possibilities. As he explains in the two very similar tweets below, he thinks he’s going to beat Biden only in writing. For those who don’t know, writing is when the voter writes a candidate’s name, even if it is not on the ballot.

It’s interesting to note here that Kanye seems interested in defeating Joe Biden, but he doesn’t really mind beating Donald Trump, with whom he has had a great relationship in the past. In fact, Kanye recently claimed that he would make Trump his choice of vice president.

As it stands, Kanye’s presidential hopes weigh in the balance, though based on our current system, it’s safe to say that he will most likely have to leave before November.