Jurassic Park and Jaws fight to head the box office of the EE. USA Decades after its first releases | Movie

It’s mega shark vs giant dinosaur at the American box office. Twenty-seven years after its first release, Steven Spielberg’s successful 1993 Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park, has regained its number one spot at the US box office. USA pandemic.

The deadline reports that Jurassic Park earned just over $ 517,000 over the weekend of June 19-21, having displaced the lead movie The Invisible Man last week, which had earned around $ 383,000. The figures stem from an industry report produced by the ratings agency Comscore, which stopped publicly reporting the box office results in March after the pandemic took over. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jurassic Park played in 230 locations in the United States, the vast majority of which were in movie theaters.

Jaws came in second with $ 516,000 out of 187 places, 45 years after its initial launch in 1975. ET, the aliens, and the Raiders of the Lost Ark came lower on the list, at numbers 7 and 18, respectively. The new best-performing film was the horror film Followed, which ranked number eight with $ 127,000.

The Comscore report suggests that small improvements in box office results show that appetite for going to the movies persists, but the public remains cautious as the pandemic retains control. Total revenue for the weekend was around $ 3.8 million, which contrasts with over $ 200 million for the same weekend in 2019. Drive-in movies are still much more popular than traditional indoor cinemas, comprising 160 of the 201 places with the highest collection.

Theaters in the USA USA They will open in July in much larger numbers, with the first national premiere of a new movie projected to be Russell Crowe’s thriller Unhinged on July 10. Disney’s epic warrior Mulan will be released on July 24, and Christopher Nolan’s spy thriller Tenet on July 31.