Johnson of the UK has warned of further lockdown measures as the virus grows

LONDON (AP) – British Prime Minister Boris John warned on Sunday that more severe lockdown sanctions are likely in England in the coming weeks as new coronavirus variants are scattered across the country, pushing infection rates to their highest levels.

Johnson insisted he had “no doubt” that the schools were safe and urged parents to send their children back to England where they could be sent back to class. Unions representing teachers have called on schools to turn to remote learning for at least two weeks. More because of the new variable, scientists say, is 70% more contagious.

The UK is in the midst of an acute epidemic, recording more than 50,000 new coronavirus infections a day in the last six days. On Sunday, it reported another 54,990 cases, down slightly from the previous day’s daily record of 57,725. Another 454 deaths related to the virus have been reported in the country, bringing the total to 75,024. According to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the UK is changing with Italy as the most affected European nation.

“We have fully agreed to do whatever it takes to keep the virus under control, which could include drastic measures in the coming weeks,” Johnson said in an interview with the BBC. “Obviously there are a lot of drastic measures we have to consider.”

Johnson acknowledged that a complete ban on school closures, curfews and domestic mixing could be on the agenda of the most stressful areas.

London and the south-east of England are facing extremely high levels of new infections and there is speculation that restrictions will have to be tightened there to control the virus. In and around parts of the British capital, there are more than 1,000 cases per 100,000 people.

Johnson’s Conservative government is using a tiered coronavirus ban system. Much of England is already at the top 4 level, which includes closing shops selling nonsensical items and places like gyms and leisure centers as well as stay-at-home instruction.

He said, “What we are using now is a tearing system, which is a very tough system and unfortunately things have to be tough to keep in check. “We will review it and we have vaccines in millions of them coming down and giving people literal life and hope.”

The leader of the main opposition Labor Party, Keer Starr, urged Johnson to bring in more national sanctions the next day, although he vowed to close schools because he said he did not want to “add.” Chaos “which is likely to emerge on Monday.

“The virus is clearly out of control,” Starmer said. “We cannot allow the Prime Minister to use it for the next two or three weeks and then bring a national lockdown which is inevitable. “

Starmer also said it was inevitable that more schools would close and urged the government to draw up a plan for both students and working parents.

One area the UK has moved quickly is ahead of vaccinations. He first started vaccinating people over the age of 80 and health care workers on December 8 with the Pfizer-Bioentech coronavirus vaccine. Last week, regulators approved a second vaccine made by Ula Oxford University and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca that is cheaper and easier than the Pfizer vaccine.

Hundreds of new vaccination sites are set to be up and running this week as the National Health Service runs its immune program from the Oxford-AstraZeneca shot. Officials say about 530,000 doses of the new vaccine will be available on Monday alone as the country moves towards its goal of vaccinating 20 million people as soon as possible in a week.

The Few Xford-AstraZeneca vaccine will be given to a small number of hospitals for the first few days so that authorities can detect any adverse reactions. Hundreds of new vaccination sites are set to open this week – both in hospitals and in local doctors’ offices, NHS England said.

U.S. And in exchange for transactions at other locations, Britain plans to give people a second dose of both vaccines within 12 weeks of the first shot instead of 21 days to speed up vaccinations.

“My mom, as well as you or your elders, may be affected by this decision, but it is still the right thing to do for the whole country,” said Professor Jonathan Van-Tum, the government’s deputy chief medical professor. , Stated in an article for the Mail on Sunday newspaper.


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