John C. Calhoun: Charleston is removing a statue of the slavery advocate and former vice president

Calhoun, a former vice president of the United States, is also known for defending slavery and owning about 80 slaves.

The Charleston City Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution for the recall on Tuesday night, according to CNN affiliate WCSC.

“We have a sense of unity to advance racial reconciliation and unity in this city,” said Mayor John Tecklenburg after the vote that the station reported. “God bless you all.”

The meeting, with comments from council members and the public, lasted two hours before the decision was reached, the station reported.

Councilman Peter Shahid said it was time for the statue to be replaced with symbols of unity, the station reported.

“The statue has served as a symbol of division in our community and we don’t need that,” he said. “We need symbols that unite us, that unite us and don’t separate us.”

Before being removed, the city had to determine if it owned the statue and could legally remove it, the station reported.

A controversial Confederate monument falls in the Atlanta suburb of Decatur
Another monument was also in the process of being removed on Wednesday. Teams in Raleigh, North Carolina, began removing a 75-foot-tall statue of a government-owned Confederate soldier beginning Sunday, according to CNN affiliate WRAL. Part of the base of the monument was removed by a crane in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The removal began after Governor Roy Cooper ordered the removal of Confederate monuments on state grounds after the nights of protests. Cooper said the order was to protect against the dangers of individuals knocking down the statues and erupting in fighting, the station reported.

“This is a metaphor for all the other systems that will be phased out,” Raleigh resident Iliana Ewen told the station. “This is a great symbol to support and celebrate that change.”

CNN’s Joe Sutton contributed to this report.