John Bolton says he is “not afraid” to testify about Trump

Former White House National Security Advisor John BoltonJohn Bolton Defense overnight: resignation of senior Pentagon tech officials | Bolton concerned about biological weapons | Trump threatens ‘serious force’ Bolton says he would consider testifying against Barr Hoyer wants Bolton’s testimony MORE He said in “The View” on Wednesday that he would have “no fear” of testifying under oath about what he claims to have witnessed at the White House, despite not having done so during the House impeachment investigation.

After the co-host Joy BeharJoseph Behar (Victoria), Behar, Joe Behar, returns to the comment that called Trump a “domestic terrorist” in “The View”. Meghan McCain praises Trump’s announcement to roast Pelosi for an ice cream-themed interview: “A deadly shot” Joy Behar denies she is leaving “The View.” ‘ PLUS He rebuked his failure to testify and said he could “redeem himself in my eyes” by testifying in the future. Bolton said: “I am not afraid to testify under oath.” He added: “I have stated in this book as accurately as possible what I saw and heard.”

The comments come after Bolton’s explosive memoir “The Room It Happened” was released this week. In the book Bolton alleges that President TrumpDonald John Trump Bowman has a double-digit lead over Engel in New York. McGrath leads Booker in Kentucky with results expected next week New York Republican Chris Jacobs wins special election to replace Chris Collins MORE He asked Chinese leader Xi Jinping for help in winning reelection in 2020, among other charges.

Bolton did not testify during the impeachment investigation of the House, despite hinting that he had damning testimony about the president at the time.

In an interview with “The View” host, the former Trump official said he disagreed with the way the impeachment investigation was conducted, adding that he had no obligation to testify at the time.

“I felt very strong and continue to make the way the recall process was conducted unnecessarily partisan and doomed to failure. I did not go to the same drummer as the leadership of the Democratic House and I am not obliged to do so, “he added.

In the book, Bolton also criticizes the leadership of the House of Representatives for his handling of the recall, calling his attention to withholding aid to Ukraine too narrow and rushed.

“My point of view was that if you were going to get this information out, it had to be done the right way, and I think the way they proceeded would have guaranteed a lot of what I said in the book would have simply been ignored.” “

Bolton defended himself in similar terms earlier this week, telling ABC’s Martha Raddatz: “I don’t think it would have made a difference because of the way Democrats followed the impeachment process in the House.”