Joe Rogan has a super rare car worth $ 80k

Although Joe Rogan is best known today for being the face and voice of the UFC, he has many interests outside of sports. For example, he is also passionate about cars, and is not afraid to spend a few extra dollars to get luxury features on his cars.

In addition to that, he also knows the car culture and, in the past, has taken photos of various car companies and their fans. Naturally, his interest in cars means that he’s also been interested in buying some rare, high-performance cars. Here’s a look at Joe Rogan’s rare Acura NSX, which is now worth more than $ 80,000.

A look at Joe Rogan’s career

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan | Dylan Buell / Getty Images

Before going big with his work at the UFC and his podcast, Joe Rogan’s experience, was a comedian who had just started in Hollywood. However, he made his way through the food chain and in 2001, he became the host of the hit show, Fear factor.

This was his first big break in show business, and from there, he’s become more popular ever since.

Most recently, he signed a massive deal with Spotify that was worth $ 100 million. This deal, along with his other businesses outside the UFC, has given Rogan a net worth of $ 100 million at this time. With all that money, he has been able to buy some expensive toys.

Acura NSX by Joe Rogan

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According to Hot Cars, before he became famous, he bought an Acura NSX. It’s unclear what year model the NSX bought, but it was definitely a first-generation NSX, as Acura stopped manufacturing the NSX in 2005. While it’s definitely an old car, it was also worth its price at the time.

Motor1 said Acura-owned Honda marketed the NSX as a supercar, and boasted of many great engineering feats. It was the first mass-produced car to have an aluminum body, and this allowed it to get a very good power-to-weight ratio.

It originally came with a 3.0-liter V6 that had 270 hp and 210 pound-feet of torque, but in 1997 Honda upgraded the engine to a 3.2-liter V6 that had 290 hp and 294 pound-feet of torque.

While that wasn’t an especially powerful engine for the time, due to its light weight, it still accelerated very quickly. Motor1 said the NSX could go from 0 to 60 MPH in 5.7 seconds, and this was around the same time as a Ferrari 328 GTB.

Acura NSX is weird, but it’s making a comeback

The Auto Enthusiast Guides reported that Acura manufactured fewer than 9,000 first-generation NSXs, and as a result, their value as collector cars has grown in recent years. That’s why Hot Cars said Rogan’s NSX can be worth around $ 80,000, depending on his condition. However, like any collectible car, the value of the NSX may continue to rise, so the $ 80,000 price is not set to stone.

While the first-generation NSX is no longer in production, Honda has brought the NSX back in recent years with the second-generation NSX. CarBuzz said this new NSX has many improvements over its first-generation cousin. The 2020 NSX is a hybrid, and it has a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 that gets 500 hp and 406 pound-feet of torque. That powerful engine is paired with some electric motors, and overall it gets 573 hp and 476 pound-feet of torque.

CarBuzz reported that the NSX 2020 can go from 0 to 60 MPH in 2.7 seconds, and can reach a top speed of 191 MPH. That said, it also costs just $ 160,000.