Jeff Ross denies accusation of having a sexual relationship with a minor girl – Deadline

Comedian Jeff Ross denies a woman’s accusation that the two had a sexual relationship when the woman was 15 years old.

“I have never had a sexual relationship with a minor,” Ross wrote on Twitter Monday night.

The woman, who posted under the Facebook username Iwas15hewas33, said she was in a relationship with Ross as of 1999, when she was 15 and he was 33. Her allegations included rape and child pornography, with claims that Ross took photos. explicit of it with a Polaroid camera.

The woman originally made the allegations in the 2006 college essay and most recently in a video released in October 2019, in which the woman showed a series of photos of herself, Ross, and others who she said supported her claims. The video reappeared over the weekend when comedian Pallavi Gunalan republished the video on Twitter (see below) following another comedian, Chris D’Elia, denying the allegations that he had requested teenage girls.

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“History is old news,” Ross said as part of his defense. “It has been researched numerous times and thoroughly reviewed and never published. Witnesses and evidence do not support these despicable allegations. “He wrote that the woman” has a documented history of drug abuse “and that she and her husband” have been harassing me for years. “He adds that he hopes the woman” will get help. for your mental health issues. “

He goes on to say that he intends to “take legal action based on these terrible and false allegations because no one, no matter how sick they are, should be allowed to continue trying to profit from false stories while trying to destroy others.” He ends by saying, “Although this accusation is false, I want there to be no doubt about my commitment to the victim of sexual assault.”

You can read his full statement below.

Ross is best known as the host of Comedy Central’s celebrity barbecue specials. As an actor, he appeared on HBO Six feet below and Crashand Showtime’s Weeds, among others.